Frequently Asked Questions
What is Drop Shipping?
Do I have to buy more than one product at a time?
What if I list a product for sale and it doesn't I still have to pay for the product?
What is a Middleman?
How do I get product images, titles and descriptions on my website?
Can I use a Dropshipper to sell on eBay and Amazon?
How do I know the product will still be in stock when I sell it?
What if I have a my customers ship the product to me or does the Supplier take care of that?
What is Blind Dropshipping?
How do I calculate how much to charge for shipping when using multiple dropshippers?
What are the benefits of using a dropshipper for my business?
What if I can't find a supplier in your directory for the product(s) I want to sell?
How do I know our Drop Shippers are reliable?
Are the products from the dropshippers knock offs or cheaply made?
Do you work with international Dropshippers?
What is Affiliate-Marketing?